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Have A Look At My Videothumb|left|300px|Squirrels Are A Deer Hunters Best FriendEdit

Deer hunting is loved and and lived by many a sportsman throughout the world.Edit

However, a lot of hunters find it difficult to fill their tags. This wiki is intended to help those hunters to discover how to find the proper way to outsmart a very intelligent animal...Edit


The Easiest Way To Find DeerEdit

Learning what foods that are available in your area for deer is the first step in finding deer. Calling your local wildlife biologist is the easiest way to get this information.

Once you know what the deer eat in your area... you can begin to search for the food core areas that deer love to visit.

Once you find these core areas you will need to watch these areas to learn when the deer are visiting... and coming from where!

Next you will want to take notice of the direction of the exit areas... or where the deer head after feeding. Take notes of this activity. Now that you have this valuable information... what do you do with it?

You search for the primary trails leading to and from the feeding areas... when you are sure no deer will be around. Deer generally head to their bedding areas first thing in the morning.

Dominant bucks may do this under the cover of darkness before first light. All others will follow soon after. This is a great time to enter the food core areas to have a look around.

Latest activityEdit

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